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Frequently asked questions

Are Bonne purées pasteurised?
Yes, Bonne purées are flash pasteurised at a high temperature (+95-97C for 20-30 sec) and packed in aseptic packaging.

Are Bonne fruit and berry purées suitable for a baby?
Yes; Many parents feed their babies Bonne purées in small portions e.g. with porridge. We have received a lot of positive feedback from families: babies who already eat solid food love our purées. It’s easy to freeze Bonne purées in e.g. ice trays and then defrost the cubes to create perfect serving sizes for a baby.

We don’t promote our products specifically as baby food since industrially manufactured baby food is always subject to strict regulations. (Regulations on ‘Food for Specific Groups’.)  The EU has determined a maximum limit for residual content of heavy metal and pesticides in food products. The ingredients in Bonne products comply with all necessary regulations.

Where can I find Bonne purées in retail stores?
The purées are usually on the same shelf as jam and fruit preservatives. In S-group stores, our purées are located on the same aisle as canned fruit.

Where can I find Bonne Bilberry juice in retail stores?
Bonne Premium Bilberry juice is located on the same aisle as other unrefrigerated juices. If you can’t find the product, ask the store staff for help. Other Bonne juices are also located in the unrefrigerated juice section.

Can I freeze Bonne purées?
Bonne berry and fruit purées can be easily frozen. If you want to use the purée in small portions, you could freeze it by using ice cube trays.

Where are Bonne products originally from?
Bonne Juomat products are manufactured in Lohja, Finland. Their ingredients come from all over the world. The water in Bonne juices is clean spring water from Lohjanharju. The spring water has been filtered and UV purified. It hasn’t been chemically treated, e.g. no lye has been added. Bonne Bilberry juice carries the Finnish flag and the Nordic Swan label which mean it is a completely Finnish product. Countries of origin of our ingredients have been marked individually for each product on the Bonne Juomat website.

Can I buy mixed Bonne juice concentrate at retail stores?
Yes, well equipped K-Kauppa stores sell concentrated Bonne BonMix Berry-Fruit juice in 0,5 litre cartons. The mixed juice concentrate 300% and 500% as well as the sweetened mixed juice concentrate are professional products that can be bought in bulk in co-operative wholesalers. Bigger K-group K-Citymarkets might also stock these products.

Where can I find Bonne Rosehip purée?
The Rosehip purée is a so called professional product and is only sold in 1 litre containers. It is not generally available in retail stores. Our new Bonne Premium Rosehip-Pear purée in a 0,5 L carton is rich in Vitamin C and contains 47% rosehip. It is available in well-equipped K-Kauppa stores. If the product is not available in your local store, ask the retailer to add it to their selection.