Small mango pancakes

Small mango pancakes

12-15 pcs

These small mango pancakes are a tasty dessert,  snack or a sweet treat with coffee. Prepare them in a metal muffin tin. Bonne Premium Mango Purée is sold in a half-liter carton and is one hundred percent mango with no added sugar or other added ingredients.

Small mango pancakes

2 ½ dl milk
2 ½ dl Bonne Premium Mango Purée
2 eggs
a pinch of salt
2 ½ dl of wheat flour
½ dl melted butter, running margarine or canola oil

In addition:
muffin tin
butter or running margarine on the tin

In addition:
Bonne Premium Mango Purée
(vanilla or whipped cream)

Measure the milk and mango purée into a bowl. Break the eggs into the bowl. Add salt, wheat flour and melted butter, running margarine or canola oil. Stir into a smooth dough and let it stand for 30-60 minutes. Grease the cavities of the muffin tin with butter or running margarine, pour the dough halfway through the cavities and cook at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until the dough is raised and firm.

Carefully remove from the pan and serve with mango purée and, if desired, vanilla or whipped cream.

Tip! Also try other Bonne berry or fruit purées.